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PSYN237 BXA Summer 2010 Online Assignment #3 I) Watch the video, “Gender”, from the Discovering Psychology series, and answer the following questions: 1) Do you think gender is biologically-based or learned behavior? Explain your point of view. I think gender is a learned behavior because it’s how we identify humans. Gender also helps us how to treat humans. Girls are treated delicately while we are rough with boys. 2) What do we mean by Femininity and Masculinity? What they mean is gender roles, how we identify and distinguish man and woman. How are they described? Femininity is gentle, emotional and dependent. Masculinity is aggressive, independent and dominant. What do animal research studies suggest? Monkeys and rats have the same behavior as human boys and girls. Boys have a rigorous form of physical play, while girls have a quieter form of play. How can you explain these differences between males and females? These differences between a boy and a girl are due to the different sex hormones. The amount and form of social play is shaped by cultural learning experiences. 3) How does the media influence gender role stereotypes? Children grow up in a social cultural environment that is full of messages about gender like advertisement images. 4)
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Homework - PSYN237 BXA Summer 2010 Online Assignment#3 I...

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