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history final exam essay - Kunal Kothari Western History II...

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Kunal Kothari Western History II Professor Russell December 23, 2010 Final Exam Essay The Protestant Reformation was a European movement in the 16 th century that had a major impact towards reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Its religious aspects were bridged by ruthless political rulers who focused greatly on extending their power and kingdom even at the expense of the church itself. The Reformation resulted in the collapse of the unity that was imposed by medieval Christianity. This was also said to have signaled the beginning of the modern era. However, the weakening of the old order was already under progression in Northern Europe. The Protestant Reformation was a success in that it overturned the church and the movement expanded all throughout Germany and other countries. Basically, in 1517, a man named Martin Luther issued a challenge to the church over this new interest in all worldly affairs. He wanted the church to change back into its old “spiritual” ways of the early church. He wanted the church to back away from this new grown interest in wealth, power, and expansion which was, in turn, corrupting the church. In addition, he wanted the faith initiatives to be returned to the individual believer. In an attempt to bring home
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this challenge, Luther translated the Bible into German so that the all common people have access to it. Instead of having the church read it to the people, the common people were now able to read for themselves instead of blindly following the church. Luther’s actions irritated the church and so they attempted to stop this challenge. However, Luther refused to obey their order and eventually his rebellion exploded. With this, the “Lutheran” movement came about and began to spread all over northern Germany. It spread all over Europe very quickly and Europe began to fall into a state of civil war. A new class was introduced called the European urban middle class whom, surprisingly, followed the teachings of the Genevan reformer, Calvin, who took the same position as Luther. Before he knew it, his reformation had already been planted into the cities of England, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Western Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland, and even Spain. Thus, the Protestant Reformation was a huge success in that it was able to expand and was successfully implanted into most of Europe. On the other hand, there were also some failures for the Protestant Reformation.
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history final exam essay - Kunal Kothari Western History II...

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