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CSE115 Lab exercises for week 1 of recitations Fall 2009 Introduction In this first lab you will be introduced to the computing environment in the Baldy 21 lab. If you are familiar with Unix or Linux you may know how to do some or all of the following tasks. Do them all the same . If you are new to Linux and Unix, these exercises will get you up and running with most of the tools you need to successfully complete the lab assignments of this course. Some further tools will be introduced as we need them in later labs. Read through the entire lab before you start working, so that you know what to expect. Note If you do not have your UB Card or a UBIT account yet, visit the UB Card office in the UB Commons, room 211 on the North Campus, or 104 Harriman Hall on the South Campus. To find out your UBIT username, you can either visit and enter your name in the “FIND PEOPLE” search box, or t ake your UB Card to a UB Card Swipe Station to find your UBIT name and initial password; these are located in the Capen Library (first floor Cybrary), the Lockwood Library (2nd floor Cybrary), the Music Library, and UB Micro (in UB Commons). Your initial password should be the first four digits of your birthday (MMDD) followed by the last six digits of your UB card number (not your person number). Lab Tasks You must now carry out each of the following tasks during the recitation. If you run into problems, put up your hand and ask your TA for help. Logging in - Connecting to the system Your first lab task is to log in to your CSE computer account. Your CSE account is valid on the computers in Baldy 21. This account is separate from your UBUnix account. If you have not had a CSE account previously, your login name is the same as your UBIT name. Your password is the same as your UBIT password was at the time when your CSE account was created. If you have previously had a CSE account (e.g. if you took any other CSE course last year where you received an account), your login name and password should not have changed.
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CSE115 Lab exercises for week 1 of recitations Fall 2009 Linux (a Unix variant) is the name of the operating system that is running on the machines in the Baldy 21 lab. An operating system (or OS) provides basic services to both programs (applications) running on the machine and to users who are working on the machine. Examples of services provided by an OS are a facility to read the contents of a file from a disk, or run multiple programs at one time (multi-task). To log in: You should see a welcome screen with a place for your username. Enter your username (UBIT name), and then press OK. You will then be asked to enter your password. Enter your password, and then press OK. When the login process is finished, you will be presented with a desktop that looks
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Introduction - CSE115 Lab exercises for week 1 of...

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