Lab7 - CSE115 Lab 7 Introduction Fall 2009 The last two...

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CSE115 Lab 7 Fall 2009 Introduction The last two labs of the semester, labs 7 and 8, are related. In these labs you are going to build a one-player version of the children’s game “memory”, a matching game. To get a better idea of what the finished lab 7 should do, run a lab demo by typing, at the Linux prompt: cd /projects/CSE115/Fall2009 java -jar FA09-CSE115-Lab7.jar NOTE: This jar file contains no source code. Decompiling this demo is a flagrant violation of the policy on academic integrity and will minimally result in immediate failure in the course. The demo will be shown in recitation. Preparatory tasks 1. Log in 2. Start Eclipse 3. Switch to the CVS Repository Exploring perspective 4. Check out the FA09-CSE115-Lab7 project from the Labs repository Overall game description The game of memory is played with a deck of cards. All cards in the deck have the same image on one side (which we will call the back of the card), and possibly different images on the other side (which we will call the front of the card). The cards come in pairs: for each card in the deck, there is exactly one other card in the deck that has the same image on the front. The point of the one-player game is to collect all the pairs in as little time as possible. To begin, all cards are placed face-down in a rectangular grid, shuffled in some
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Lab7 - CSE115 Lab 7 Introduction Fall 2009 The last two...

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