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ADM2302 A, B, C, and D Assignments Assignment #1 Linear Programming Formulation and Graphical Method ADM2302 students are reminded that submitted assignments must be neat, readable, and well-organized. Assignment marks will be adjusted for sloppiness, poor grammar and spelling, as well as for technical errors. While working together is encouraged, plagiarism on assignments will not be accepted. E ach student must provide an individual original
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Unformatted text preview: submission of completed assignments. This assignment can be hand written . Solutions to exercise problem 30 and 48 are to include “managerial statements” that communicate the results of the analyses. Chapter 2; Exercise problem : 4; 30 (Find the optimal solution using Solver. Provide a printout of the Answer report and the Excel spreadsheet formulation); 36; 38; 48. Fall 2010 Page 1...
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