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2. ADM2302 Assignment#2 Fall2010

2. ADM2302 Assignment#2 Fall2010 - permitted in the...

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ADM2302 Section A, B, C and D Assignment # 2 Assignment # 2 LP Formulations and Applications ADM2302 students are reminded that submitted assignments must be neat, readable, and well-organized. Assignment marks will be adjusted for sloppiness, poor grammar and spelling, as well as for technical errors. While working together is encouraged, plagiarism on assignments will not be accepted. Each student must provide an individual original submission of completed assignments. Solutions to all exercises in this assignment are to include “managerial statements” that communicate the results of the analyses. Chapter 4 : Problem: 18; 20; 24 and RJCK Inc. produces two steak sauces, Spicy Diablo and Mild Red Baron. These sauces are both made by blending two ingredients, A and B. A certain level of flexibility is
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Unformatted text preview: permitted in the formulas for these products. The allowable percentages, along with the revenue and cost data, are given the table below. INGREDIENT SALES PRICE PER LITER SAUCE A B $ Spicy Diablo a least 25% at least 50% 5.35 Mild Red Baron at most 75% * 4.85 Cost per liter $1.60 $2.59 *No explicit maximum or minimum percentage. Up to 40 liters of A and 30 liters of B could be purchased. RJCK can sell as much of these sauces as it produces. The objective is to maximize the net revenue from the sale of the sauces. For EACH of the problem above make sure to: a. Formulate the algebraic LP formulation b. Find the optimal solution using Solver. (Provide a printout of the Answer report and the Excel spreadsheet formulation). Fall 2010 Page 1...
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