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5. ADM2302 Assignment#4 Fall2010

5. ADM2302 Assignment#4 Fall2010 - the table below Also...

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ADM2302 Section A, B, C and D Assignment # 4 Assignment # 4 Transportation Problem and Integer/Binary Programming ADM2302 students are reminded that submitted assignments must be neat, readable, and well-organized. Assignment marks will be adjusted for sloppiness, poor grammar and spelling, as well as for technical errors. While working together is encouraged, plagiarism on assignments will not be accepted. Each student must provide an individual original submission of completed assignments. Solutions to all exercises in this assignment are to include “managerial statements” that communicate the results of the analyses. Chapter 5 : Problem 18; Chapter 6 : Problem 10 (also provide the algebraic formulation for this problem); Problem 26; and California Tours is planning a group bus trip that for the following candidate cities in
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Unformatted text preview: the table below. Also included are the total costs for the group to visit those cities on the tour. City Cost ($) San Francisco (SF) 5000 Oakland (OK) 4500 Palo Alta (PA) 3600 San Jose (SJ) 4100 San Mateo (SM) 3500 Concord (CO) 2500 Santa Cruz (SC) 3200 Monterey (MN) 4000 To plan the trip, three prioritized goals are listed below, in order of importance. P1: Avoid spending more than $15000 for the total trip. P2: Visit at least 5 cities. P3: Include San Mateo in the tour. a. Formulate a goal programming model that will help to determine the number of cities to include in the tour. b. Find the optimal solution using Solver. (Provide a printout of the Answer report and the Excel spreadsheet formulation). Fall 2010 Page 1...
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