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01 Introduction&Learning5

01 Introduction&Learning5 - Welcome to CHE 132 General...

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1 Welcome to CHE 132 General Chemistry II Corequisites: MAT 126 or MAT 125 for those who have had CHE 130 Brad Tooker Online Quizzes Chemistry LC Office hours and contact information posted on Blackboard. David Hanson Instructor Troy Wolfskill Workshops Plus a cadre of dedicated and outstanding undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants! 2 Required Books Textbook: Chemistry: the Molecular Science (3 rd Edition, 2008) Activity Books for Workshops Foundations of Chemistry (3 rd edition, 2007) Solving Real Problems with Chemistry (pre-market edition, 2008) 3 Required Items Scientific Calculator Logs and Exponentials eInstruction Response Pad Purchase & Register Gen 2 Two 2-inch ring binders Lecture notes Homework Spare batteries #2 pencils w/ erasers 4 Information About the Course Stony Brook’s Blackboard Facility http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu Click on Help for Students if need be . Learn how to log in and set your email address. Explore what is there – it grows daily! Your are responsible for knowing about the information provided on the Blackboard site, as well as that presented in lecture. Typically lecture notes will be posted after the lectures, i.e. between 4 and 6 pm MWF. 5 In the Information section , you will find the following 5 documents. Please read them! Advice from students who got A. Secrets Revealed! Crucial information that you need to know. Description of the workshops and how they are graded. Instructions for registering, using, and troubleshooting your response pad. Description of the online quizzes. First quiz released Wednesday noon, due Friday night. Second quiz released Friday noon, due Monday night. Chemistry Learning Center Hours (Chem Rm 321) 6 Registering your response pad. Where can you find the directions? To help us credit you with grade points.
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