22 Buffers - A buffer is made from acetic acid (HAc, pKa =...

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1 A buffer is made from acetic acid (HAc, pK a = 4.74) and sodium acetate (NaAc). The molar concentration of the NaAc is higher than the concentration of the acetic acid. Use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation in your notes from last time to determine whether the pH of the buffer is the same as the pK a or higher or lower than the pK a of acetic acid. A) pH is the same as the pK a B) pH is higher than the pK a C) pH is lower than the pK a D) Can’t answer because I don’t take notes and can’t remember the H-H equation. pK a + log pH = [Ac - ] [HAc] Solar ID Room 000000000 – 106243941 Javits 100 main floor 106243942 – 106528532 Javits 100 balcony 106528533 – 106591556 Earth & Space Science 001 106591557 – 106629752 Old Chemistry 116 106629753 – 106656172 Javits 102 106656173 – 106699900 Javits 110 106699901 – 106726204 Engineering 143 106726205 – 106775413 Engineering 145 106775414 – 106804317 Javits 101 106804318 – 106850440 Javits 109 106850441 – 999999999 Javits 103 Room Assignments for Exam 2 Thursday, March 19 th , 8:30 – 10:00 PM
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3 Be sure to bring your Stony Brook ID card, 2 or more #2 pencils, a good eraser, and a calculator with spare batteries. Do NOT bring any cell phones, beepers, iPods, or other communication devices, or a textbook, notes, or any aids to taking the exam. Violations may result in a course grade of F and a report to the Academic Judiciary. Personal belongings must be placed on the side or front of the room or out of sight under your seat, not on the seat next to you. You should fill out the Scantron form (Print & bubble Solar ID, print Name, sign in Upper right) and review the cover sheet when you sit down, but you should not open the exam until instructed to begin.
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22 Buffers - A buffer is made from acetic acid (HAc, pKa =...

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