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Travis George CheckPoint: Plate Tectonic Theory CheckPoint: Plate Tectonic Theory There are a number of people who have helped in the discovery of the plate tectonic theory but there are two main people who people their lives to it. The one man that really got the ball rolling in regards to the matter is Alfred Wegener. Wegener believed that the world was once a very large piece of land that split apart of millions of years. Wegener studied area of Africa and South America. He found that there were some matching fossils from an ancient plant called Glossopteris. This helped him in the fight for the theory and proving that the two masses might have been linked to one another. The other man that is well known in the scientific community is Harry Hess. Hess was in the US Navy and was one of the first to have a ship that was equipped with sonar. While Hess was in the
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Unformatted text preview: navy he used his ship to scan the ocean floor. The scanning resulted in the discovery of sea floor spreading. This was the missing key to Wegener’s theory. This proved how the mass pieces of land seemed to just float across the water. There is an example of how these two guys theories work. IT is called the Mantle Convection Effect. The example can be done by boiling a pot of water. The pot will warm up and cause the hot water to rise. The rising water will push the cold water under. This works the same way for the earth. Rock deep inside the earth heats up so hot that the pressure pushes the hot rock up and out of the surface. The hot rock will push the cool rock deeper into the earth creating the same effect as the boiling pot of water....
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