Experiment 2 Alyxandra Bui, 1411

Experiment 2 Alyxandra Bui, 1411 - graduated cylinder one...

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The objective of the lab experiment was to become acquainted with typical scientific methodologies, perform proper device usage, and obtain adequate measurements mandatory for gathering laboratory data. The focus of this experiment allowed the experimenter to gain a detailed understanding of the suitable handling of the measuring devices used in the chemistry laboratory. Along with these objectives, the experiment also engaged the experimenter’s ability to practice basic algebra to determine the volume, mass, density, and concentration of the object and/or substance to verify the percent error of the circumstance. During the experimental procedures that revolved around liquid measurements using the
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Unformatted text preview: graduated cylinder, one was able to notice that a common error arose from determining the volume based on the position of the meniscus. The best results were noted to be acquired when one measures from the bottom of the meniscus rather than relying on the glance of the midpoint or top of the meniscus. As one progressed to the procedures dealing with the measurements of the mass, the experimenter might find difficulty obtaining precise data due to the fact that some objects are a little harder to contain to be measured on the scale, such as the table salt. A possible solution to this might be place a plastic cup on the scale and zeroing it out before placing the table salt in the cup to increase the reading accuracy of the salt crystals....
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