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Module papers UGBA - Shin Jae 21472705/Section 102 I want...

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Shin, Jae 21472705/Section 102 I want to be a special agent who investigates organized crimes at a state or federal level. An agent must be aware of the laws, legal codes, human behavior and performance, applied mathematics, training design, and the principles for providing customer and personal services are required for this job (ONET). In regards to skills, a special agent must be able to write effectively and appropriately, make apt judgments and justifiable decisions, coordinate with other agents in respect to common goal, be aware of his/her environment, look out to help out others, and speak persuasively in order to change other’s minds or behaviors. Finally, an agent must have the abilities to reason inductively and deductively in order to solve a crime and track a lead given certain evidences, and capabilities to comprehend the situation and assess the task at hand (ONET). During a selection, the interviewer predicts and evaluates my future, especially my predicted performance on the job. In good selection, one must choose the people with the highest predicted performance for the job, by first identifying the KSAs of the person, then once the KSAs are established, then the intuition factor may be applied. Simply being “fit” is not relevant to a good selection or good prediction of the performance. My 5 “good” questions are aimed to address the KSAs necessary in order to be a special agent, and they are used to measure and predict how well I would perform as an agent. The first question specifically addresses my ability to reason in respect to law and legal codes. By describing a difficult problem and relating it to inductive/deductive reasoning, I can state my capability of performance as an agent. Questions 2 and 3 begin with a specific assumption or situation, designed in order to not only predict the performance through the KSAs, but to apply the concept of critical thinking and situational analysis that embodies personal and organizational
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relations. For instance, question 3 addresses my judgmental and decision making skills, as well as ability to reason and perceptiveness to my partner’s reactions. I would first reason and persuade my partner to not act hastily, then find a justifiable and socially acceptable way of accomplishing his/her needs, to avenge the death of his/her friend. If my persuasion fails, then I
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Module papers UGBA - Shin Jae 21472705/Section 102 I want...

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