Module 4 paper - Fishbone Diagram

Module 4 paper - Fishbone Diagram - Shin, Jae...

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Shin, Jae 21472705/Section 102 Building a team in the National Basketball Association is a difficult process that determines the quality of the product that appears on the court. The New Jersey Nets are built with an intermittent quality that achieves inconsistent results. Although this team has won certain amount of games, its inconsistency has caused sixty-nine loses this season and no playoffs. When exploring the reasons for the Net’s lack of success, I found that nearly all the possibly contributing causes could be grouped under coaching, the players, and general management, along with minor groups such as competition and external factors. Once personnel decisions have been made, a team’s success depends on the players and their head coach. Therefore, the Net’s coaching is a main cause of inconsistent play. This is a good way to group part of the possible reasons for poor product quality because elements such as team strategy and deriving game plans are dependent upon the coach. If any of these factors are flawed, they may contribute to a sub-par product, meaning a losing basketball team. This possible cause of poor quality is the easiest to fix, as the Net’s would just need to change their head coach. Buying out the head coach’s contract would only result in a small hit to the team’s
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Module 4 paper - Fishbone Diagram - Shin, Jae...

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