Chem 3AL - J ae Shin Experiment 2 Investigating Solubility...

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Jae Shin 09/22/10 Experiment 2: Investigating Solubility and Acid-Base Reactions Experiment 2 explored the interactions of molecules in solutions and mixtures. The experiments showed not all molecules dissolve into each other. Solubility depends on the intermolecular forces that hold molecules in liquid form. If one attempts to add a molecule that contains different intermolecular interactions than the solvent, the solute will not dissolve into the solvent. For example, a molecule that has induced dipole- induced dipole (ID-ID) interactions will not dissolve into a molecule that has dipole-dipole interactions. (Like-dissolve-like) Sometimes this difference in dissimilar intermolecular interactions can be overcome with acid-base reactions. These reactions introduce ion- dipole interactions. The seven parts of experiment 2 explored the intermolecular interactions in-depth. Parts I, II, III explored the solubility of various organic compounds in two solvents, hexane and water. Part I revealed that hexane could dissolve diethyl ether, ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol, but not water. The first five molecules listed in the previous sentence could dissolve into hexane because they also relied on (ID-ID) interactions. The maxim “like dissolves like” rings true in this instance. These molecules could create (ID-ID) interactions with hexane and dissolve. Water, on the other hand failed to dissolve into hexane because the (ID-ID) forces in hexane are not strong to break water molecules
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away from the dipole-dipole interactions and hydrogen bonds they form with each other.
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Chem 3AL - J ae Shin Experiment 2 Investigating Solubility...

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