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experiment 3 report.

experiment 3 report. - Jae Shin Experiment 3 Mixed Melting...

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Jae Shin 09/29/10 Experiment 3: Mixed Melting Points Discussion In part I of the experiment, each student in the lab was assigned an unknown compound. Once I obtained the melting point range for my compound, I recorded the data on the white board, which was set up for everyone to record their own unknown’s melting point range. Then I matched my melting point range to another student’s who had the very same range as mine. Then we prepared mixed melting point sample and determined that our compounds were match; however, I realized there were two different physical compounds that had the similar range. Easily enough, I not only matched my melting point range but the physical characteristics of solid, white crystal instead of clear, white, sharp crystal to find an unknown solid identical to mine. For Part II, the data and the melting-point composition diagram is attached in the back. The left side of the triangular area indicates the liquid solution plus
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