experiment 4 report.

experiment 4 report. - Jae Shin Experiment 4 Whittling Down...

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Jae Shin 10/13/10 Experiment 4: Whittling Down the Possibilities Discussion I started off with 4 unknown liquids in a small sample vial, labeled 1G – 4G. For the first part, I determined the molecular dipole moments of the unknowns by releasing 1mL of the liquid by a means a Pasteur pipette onto the side of a plastic rod that was electrostatically charged. A piece of fabric was used to charge the rod by rubbing the rob for a few seconds. 1G and 2G showed a significant diversion from the rod; 1 G curved towards the rod while 2G curved away from the rod. I determined 1G and 2G with molecular dipole moment and 3G and 4G with no molecular dipole moment since the latter two unknowns showed very slight or no diversion, respectively. For the second part of the experiment, I determined whether the unknown was soluble in water. This was done by adding 0.5mL of the unknown and water into a small test tube and forcefully mixing the contents by repeatedly expelling the mixture back into the test tube with a Pasteur pipette. Only 2G did not form two layers while 1G, 3G, and 4G formed a clear two layers. 2G was determined to be soluble in water and the other three were insoluble in water. For the third part, I determined the density of the 3 unknowns, 1G, 3G, and 4G relative to water. We used sodium chloride to aid in this test because water dissolves salt and if the top layer of the liquid formed from part two dissolved the salt in the watch glass, then the top layer was determined to be the water. 1G and 3G were less dense
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experiment 4 report. - Jae Shin Experiment 4 Whittling Down...

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