experiment 6 report. - Jae Shin 10/20/10 Experiment 6:...

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Jae Shin 10/20/10 Experiment 6: Recrystallization and Melting Points: Unknown Solid and Decolorization of Brown Sugar Discussion We first tested all the solvents by putting a few crystals of the compound W in the test tube with a few drops of solvent. If the crystals dissolved immediately, then we did not use the solvent because the compound will not be recoverable – 95% ethanol, acetone, and diethyl ether dissolved the crystals immediately. Hexane and water did not dissolve the crystals immediately so we heated the mixture gently on the sand bath to determine if the crystals are soluble in hot solvent. Even with long period of heating, hexane mixture did not dissolve the crystals; however, water mixture with heat did dissolve so we decided that water was the best suitable candidate for the recrystallization of the unknown. To note, it took more than 15 minutes for all the crystals to dissolve, most likely due to its solubility with the unknown compound, and we also had to add a few drops of heated solvent to dissolve all the crystals. With the water as our solvent, each of us in the group did our own separate recrystallization. First, I weighed the unknown W, 0.106 g, and then prepared the mixture with water. I followed the same procedure above to ensure all the crystals dissolved in the mixture. Then I cooled the solution to room temperature and then in an ice-bath to determine if the unknown crystals can be recovered from the solution. After the ice-bath, solid crystals formed in the
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experiment 6 report. - Jae Shin 10/20/10 Experiment 6:...

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