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TFD #6 - less harrowing than mine For me not even those...

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Jae Shin Classics 28: Section 116 Topic for Discussion #6 5 March 2010 Week 7 Trojan Women In the fourth episode of the Trojan Women , Andromache’s long speech to Hecuba portrays a sense of hope, however, it is nevertheless, an illusion. HECUBA: No, my child: sight and daylight not death. One is a nothingness, the other hope. ANDROMACHE: Mother, mother, listen, is a greater truth -- if I can only touch your heart with it. – [Turning to HECUBA] So I ask you: isn't your loss of Polyxena, whom you mourn,
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Unformatted text preview: less harrowing than mine? For me, not even those vestiges of hope common to mankind are left, and I do not deceive myself with the delusion, sweet though it be of anything being right again. In the above passage, Hecuba depicts of a situation the sailors face on stormy seas as an analogy to her dire situation, even though she has never sailed on a ship. What point is the author trying to make? What about Hecuba? ....
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