MCB 32L Lab Report #3

MCB 32L Lab Report #3 - Jae Shin 09/28/10 Wendy Ingram Lab...

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Jae Shin 09/28/10 Wendy Ingram Lab Report #3 Lab 3: Muscle Excitability and Contractility I. Introduction Background: All of our actions depend on skeletal muscles and we may control them voluntarily or involuntarily. For this lab, we will use an electrical stimulator to simulate the effect of motor neurons on muscles in our hands and record the motion of our pinky finger. To increase the strength of contraction, you can either increase the recruitment of motor units and/or stimulate motor units more frequently. This lab will also explore the phenomenon of tetanus, where two muscle contractions are timed close enough so that their effect (or part of their effect) are combined, resulting in a stronger twitch response. And if the timing is right, these contractions will “fuse” into an explosive force far greater than just a single twitch. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that if the stimulus voltage is increased, then the force or the twitch tension and the time of contraction will increase as well. II. Materials and Methods In order to stimulate the skeletal muscle, a Grass S44 Stimulator with Stimulus Isolation Unit will be used. A red and black stimulating electrodes attached to the unit will be placed on two specific location of the hand, and the subject hand will be placed on top of a book for elevation. The tip of the pinky finger with slight
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tension will be placed against toe Strain Gauge, which will be securely taped to the table. Excel Labscribe program will be used to electronically record and illustrate the experimental data. For each part of the experiment, Recruitment,
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MCB 32L Lab Report #3 - Jae Shin 09/28/10 Wendy Ingram Lab...

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