MCB 32L Lab Report #4

MCB 32L Lab Report #4 - Jae Shin 10/5/10 Wendy Ingram Lab...

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Jae Shin 10/5/10 Wendy Ingram Lab Report #4 Lab 4: Electrical Recording of Muscle Movements I. Introduction Background: In this lab, we will focus on monitoring the electrical activity of a muscle during voluntary contractions using electrodes and computer simulation. An important technique called electromyogram will be used to examine the change in electrical activity in the muscle as the stimulus/force is increased as well as to observe activity of complex muscle movement. We will be mainly observing the forearm (brachio-radialis) and the legs (gastrocnemius). Gastrocnemius is a large muscle located on the back of the lower leg that in involved in standing, walking, running, and jumping. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that if the force increases with our bodily movements, then the electrical activity will increase as well, proportional to the amount of force increased. II. Materials and Methods In order to stimulate the muscles, two EMG electrodes will be attached at the medial head of the gastrocnemius and a green ground electrode near the ankle. Then the computer simulation program, LabScribe and iWorks will record the data and the muscle movement activity. With the leg muscle, there will be several different motions that will allow us to observe the EMG amplitude, activity, and then finally understand the concept of eccentricity and concentricity. With the forearm muscle observation, two electrodes will be placed on the relevant muscle with the green ground electrode near the wrist. A dynamometer with the hand- squeeze ball and the machine connected to the computer will allow us to visually see and observe the muscle activity during contraction and relaxation of the forearm.
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MCB 32L Lab Report #4 - Jae Shin 10/5/10 Wendy Ingram Lab...

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