Andrew Jackson - loyalty B Voter turnout 3x that of 1824 1...

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Andrew Jackson’s Presidency I. A “Corrupt Bargain” A. Election of 1824 1. 4 Candidates i. William Crawford (Sec. of Treasury) ii. John Quincy Adams (Sec. of State) iii. Henry Clay (Spkr. of House) iiii. Andrew Jackson (Military Leader) B. Split Vote; No Electoral Majority; moves to HR 1. Clay “out” w/fewest votes 2. Clay influential in persuading voters to vote for Adams 3. Adams wins by one vote in HR; names Clay Sec. of State C. Jackson’s supporters refer to political dealings as a “corrupt bargain” D. Jackson vows revenge A. Election of 1828 1. Democratic Party promotes Jackson 2. National party politics i. Campaign organizers, public rallies, parades, national tours ii. Newspapers influential; mudslinging iii. Parties formed simply to promote candidates/show
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Unformatted text preview: loyalty B. Voter turnout 3x that of 1824 1. 70% in some communities C. Jackson Wins 1. Spoils System III. Age of the Common Man A. “Old Hickory” from the South 1. Rough Childhood – “Self-made man” B. War Hero 1. Battle of New Orleans 2. Creeks C. Represented/appealed to “plain folk” or the “common man” 1. Lacked a formal education 2. Little political experience 3. Depart from aristocratic tradition IV. Indian Removal A. A lasting stain on Jackson’s Presidency 1. 1829 GA gold 2. Pressure for land B. Removal Westward 1. Way to “civilize” the Indian 2. Indian Removal Act 1830 i. Move to OK; West of Mississippi River C. Trail of Tears 1838-39 1. Cherokee 2. 1,200 miles; 4,000 die...
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Andrew Jackson - loyalty B Voter turnout 3x that of 1824 1...

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