Colonial Life For Women - 1. Household chores, gardening,...

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Colonial Life For Women I. Women in the Chesapeake A. Bargaining Power 1. Skewed Sex Ratio (6:1) i. Women could “pick” their mate ii. Women in “high demand” B. Only 1/3 of all marriages lasted more than a decade 1. Accumulate wealth (land/tobacco) rather quickly 2. Women served as executors once husband passed away 3. Negotiate marriage/remarriage contracts w/husband C. Women could improve their social status 1. Experienced greater “freedom” than those in England i. sexually, in marriage, relationships D. Early Virginia a “matriarchy?” II. Hardships in the Chesapeake A. “Shifting” Family Life 1. Sometimes almost “forced” to remarry quickly 2. Multiple children fathered by different men B. Indentured Servants 1. Bastard Children (Father unpunished) 2. Hard Work (Tobacco Fields) III. Perhaps more dangerous, but worth it in terms of political/social freedoms? IV. Puritan Women in New England A. Equal Sex Ratio 1. Women married on average at 22 B. Housewives
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Household chores, gardening, etc 2. Limited form of economic independence C. Patriarchal Society 1. Women subordinate to men (social hierarchy ordained by God) 2. Almost voiceless in political / legal matters i. Couldnt vote, hold office, own property, make contracts ii. Difficult to obtain a divorce D. Single women, independent widows, & childless women 1. Suspicious / cultural mistrust V. Salem Witch Trials (1691-1692) A. Environment back home 1. Over 3,000 witches executed in Europe 1580-1680 2. Learned Behavior B. Large Urban Centers 1. Massachusetts 50,000 Residents / Fear Spread C. Characteristics of Witch Hunting 1. Older women, single women, childless, indep / assertive women 2. Men accused too 3. Satans helpers = Familiars 4. Signs = Witchs Teat / Devil Scars D. Lack of Justice 1. Spectral Evidence 2. No legal defense E. Faking Symptoms / Mentally Ill / Jealously?...
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Colonial Life For Women - 1. Household chores, gardening,...

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