Empires of the New World - 2. Natives farm &...

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Empires of the New World 1. “the three greatest inventions known to man” A. Prince Henry “The Navigator” B. Astronomical Calculation, Caravel D. Monopoly on Asian Spice Trade F. Not A Major Player in New World Colonization/Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) G. 4 Islands (1450s) – Produce Sugar – Atlantic Slave Trade III. Three Major Players in New World Conquest IV. Spain A. Christopher Columbus (1492) (Bahamas) B. Spanish Conquistadores 2. Hernan Cortes (1521) – Montezuma’s Aztec Empire C. Encomienda System = wealth D. “Frontier of Inclusion” 1. Young Spanish Men – intermarriage = mestizos/mulattoes
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Natives farm & mine V. French A. Jacques Cartier (1534, 1535, 1541) 1. Northwest Passage to East Indies (Failed) 2. Explored St. Lawrence River = French imperial claims to Canada B. Commerce (Trade), Not Conquest 1. Fish & Furs 2. Natives necessary economic partners (Indian hunters & trappers) C. Frontier of Inclusion 1. Intermarriage 2. Studied Native cultures 3. Spoke Native languages 4. Allies 5. Efforts to Christianize VI. England A. Compete with Spain for New World Acquisitions (Money & Conquest) 1. Protestant Reformation 1517 = Protestant vs. Catholic 2. Sir Francis Drakes Sea Dogs wreak havoc on Spanish New World ports/fleets 3. Englands war with Spain (1585-1604) 4. 1588 Spanish Armada defeated = Spains New World Monopoly broken B. Frontier of Exclusion 1. No Cultural Mixing 2. Desire separation from savages 3. No intermarriage 4. Dominate & Conquer Natives...
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Empires of the New World - 2. Natives farm &...

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