Federalists-JR - A Federalist 1796 B Washington’s...

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I. Political Parties A. Federalists 1. Strong national government 2. Loose constructionists 3.Centralized economy 4.Close ties w/Great Britain B. Jeffersonian Republicans 1. States’ rights 2.Strict constructionists 3. Agrarian based 4. Close ties/sides with France II. Foreign Policy A. French Revolution 1789 1. Similar to American Revolution but many deaths B. France declares war on Great Britain 1793 1. “war of all peoples against all kings” C. British troops still in NW Territory D. GB naval blockade / seizure of American vessels in French waters E. Chief Justice John Jay’s Treaty 1794 1. Largely a failure 2. Sparks J-R Protest III. Whiskey Rebellion 1794 A. Western PA – Farmers – Whiskey tax B. Rep. Gov. of PA refuses to put down rebellion D. Parties blame one another
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IV. John Adams’ Presidency
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Unformatted text preview: A. Federalist 1796 B. Washington’s Farewell Address C. Jefferson elected VP due to Hamilton’s shenanigans V. XYZ Affair A. Jay’s Treaty angers France 1. U.S. had negotiated with GB B. French Navy seizes American ships 1797 1. Quasi-War C. Adams sends delegates to France 1. Talleyrand refuses to see them (bribery; loan) 2. French delegates labeled XYZ D. Provisional Army 1. Led by Washington & Hamilton 2. Alternative way to silence J-R VI. Alien & Sedition Acts A. 4 Laws 1. Adams (president) – expel foreigners (French) 2. 14-year probationary period on citizenship i. Prevent Irish from voting Republican 3. Sedition Law – punished by federal courts; not state i. Speaking out against the Fed. Govt. B. Designed to silence Republican opposition VII. Towards the Peaceful Revolution (Jefferson’s Election) A. Adams negotiates with France...
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Federalists-JR - A Federalist 1796 B Washington’s...

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