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NativesDisease - B 90 Population Loss 1492-1900 C Results...

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Native Americans I. Beringia II. Native Americans Prior to European Contact A. Diseases Not Problematic 1. Nomadic/Migratory 2. Physical Isolation 3. No Domestication of Animals B. But, No Immunities (Negative Aspect) III. The “Columbian Exchange” A. Intercontinental Movement 2. Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas IV. Disease A. Primary Cause of Native Population Decline (Not Warfare)
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Unformatted text preview: B. 90% Population Loss 1492-1900 C. Results in Reduction of the Labor Force V. Different Ideas/Perceptions/Interpretations A. Europeans had no knowledge of the “germ theory” until mid-1800s B. Justification/Failure of Religion depending on Perspective C. “Invasion of America”/ “American Holocaust”...
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