The Second War for Independence

The Second War for Independence - C Objectives 1 Invade...

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The Second War for Independence I. The War of 1812 A. United States vs. Great Britain II. Trouble on the Seas B. American shipping/merchants profit initially C. 1805 Britain begins seizing American ships 1. Impressment (900 ships; 9,000 sailors) 2. GB deserters relocate to American vessels 1. Affects American trade III. The Chesapeake Affair A. 1807 Leopard stops America’s Chesapeake 1. Search for deserters B. Leopard opens fire; kills 3, wounds 18; took 4 deserters C. American protest killing of innocent sailors IV. Jefferson’s Embargo A. 1807 Jefferson’s Embargo Act 1. Keep American ships at home B. Hurts American Trade 1. Exports fall $108m - $22m 2. Smugglers “blown off course” C. James Madison elected president in 1808 1. Embargo Act repealed 1809; Still Troubles
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V. Madison’s War A. GB blames for Tecumseh’s War 1811 B. War Hawks press for declaration of war 1. June 1812 war declared
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Unformatted text preview: C. Objectives: 1. Invade Canada, remove B & I threat, defend national honor D. American military forces weak 1. British Blockade E. Washington D.C. burned 1814 (White House) F. Fort McHenry (Baltimore) 1. Francis Scott Key’s “Star- Spangled Banner” VI. The Creek War A. GA & AL B. “Red Sticks” allied w/Tecumseh & British C. 1813 RS attacked and killed 500 Americans at Fort Mims D. 1814 Andrew Jackson led KY & TN militias against RS E. Battle of Horseshoe Bend 1. 800 RS killed; 23 million acres ceded VII. The Battle of New Orleans (January 1815) A. Peace process begins; both sides unaware B. British invade New Orleans 1. Expect an easy victory – 2x as many troops C. Andrew Jackson sets up defenses along the Mississippi River D. British slow to advance E. American Victory 1. Defensive Positions 2. 2,000 B dead & wounded; 300 A dead & wounded F. Jackson’s victory asserts/bolsters America’s claim of national honor...
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The Second War for Independence - C Objectives 1 Invade...

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