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Transportation Revolution

Transportation Revolution - B 1830 Baltimore& Ohio...

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Transportation Revolution (1800-1840) I. Roads A. National Road 1808 1. Illinois 1830s 2. Gravel on a stone foundation 3. 1 st 4. Benefits travelers; tolls/slow for farmers II. Canals A. Erie Canal (1817-1825) 1. Connects Albany, NY to Great Lakes 2. 50,000 people/year moving west on canal B. Impacts 1. Shipping goods to the interior increases (E-W) 2. Towns along canal become instant cities 3. Coastal merchants turn away from Europe and look W 4. 1820-40; $200 million invested in canal building III. Steamboats A. 1807 Robert Fulton’s Clermont 1. Traveled up the Hudson River B. Impacts 1. Steamboats replaced flatboats 2. Could now make roundtrips 3. Move goods faster; but extremely dangerous IV. Railroads A. Most remarkable transportation invention
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Unformatted text preview: B. 1830 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (13 miles of track) C. 31,000 miles of track by 1860 D. Impacts 1. Crossed borders = a symbol of power & progress 2. Linked the country together 3. Move to a national economy V. Effects of the Transportation Revolution A. Led to a unified national market (national economy) B. Distant markets now accessible C. Focus moved to America’s heartland D. Influence national pride & identity E. Linked American communities F. Led to Market Revolution & Industrialization G. Cash crops/goods replace subsistence manufacturing & production VI. South Left Out? A. Most changes take place in the North 1. E→W; rather than N→S B. Southern society slow to adopt reforms, educ., new technology...
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Transportation Revolution - B 1830 Baltimore& Ohio...

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