War for Empire - i. colonists killed / Indian raids deep...

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War for Empire (France vs. Great Britain) I. Background A. Increasing Suspicions/Vie for Power (Map) B. King George’s War (1743-1748) (Colonists “dragged” into it) 1. BC = 1.2 Million / NF = 75,000 2. Fort Louisbourg falls to British Colonists (June 1745) 1. Fort Duquesne (French) 2. Fort Necessity (British) D. George Washington (1754) E. Benjamin Franklin’s Albany Plan “Join or Die” 1754 F. General Edward Braddock 1755 G. France Maintains Control of the ORV A. GB officially declares war on France (May 18, 1756) 1. William Pitt – America – “Europe to be fought for” 2. War “moves” to America 3. Rough first 2 years – near disaster for GB
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Unformatted text preview: i. colonists killed / Indian raids deep into colonies 4. Massive infusion of British currency and credit 5. 20,000 British soldiers / 30,000 colonial militia B. Britain / colonies begin to achieve success (1758) 1. GB marches down St. Lawrence River 2. Fort Louisbourg, Fort Duquesne (renamed Ft. Pitt) C. Treaty of Paris 1763 1. France driven from North American mainland 2. GB = Canada, Florida, & everything E of Miss. River 3. Complete victory for GB III. Results of War A. Colonists allied/cooperated with one another 1. Realized there was more to America than just their own colonies B. American officers gain experience/trained (Washington) C. Immense debt/defense costs accrued during war D. Who will pay?...
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War for Empire - i. colonists killed / Indian raids deep...

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