Final%20Career%20Assignment[1] - 2 3 Briefly explain the...

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Final Career Assignment Name_________________________ Type Medical Field Chosen______________________________________ Academic Requirements to Practice (Circle) Some College plus Professional School Bachelors degree plus Professional School Bachelors Degree Associates Degree Certification Only Some College plus Clinical Training Minimum credit hours needed for application? ______________________ List five prerequisite courses for your career 1._____________________ 2._____________________ 3._____________________ 4. _____________________ 5. _____________________ Average GPA of accepted applicants? ________________ Is a standardized test required (Circle One) YES NO If yes, which one? ___________________________________ List three professional schools that you would consider attending. (Be sure to include their location.) 1._________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2._________________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________________ Briefly explain the length of professional school or clinical training required to practice your desired healthcare job. What type of degree will you earn after you graduate from clinical training or professional school? Briefly explain the certification or licensure that you will obtain after completion of professional school. Where are healthcare professionals in your field needed? (ie: Geographic Locations) Briefly explain the day to day responsibilities that you can expect to perform. What is the salary range for people in your occupation? Please include both state and national averages. Please write a short paragraph explaining what you have learned in HSCI 130. (Please use the back of this sheet.)...
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Final%20Career%20Assignment[1] - 2 3 Briefly explain the...

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