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Psci 110 Final (Common Assessment Tool): Description: Students will analyze a political situation relating to education in a formal paper. The general form of the assessment will be common but faculty may change particulars to fit their teaching style and the approach they take to American politics. The common features of the assessment will be that: 1. papers will be 4-8 pages in length. 2. papers will address an issue related to education. 3. papers will use information from research and coursework. 4. papers will require students to take a normative position on the topic researched (i.e., a paper on “school choice” could require students to take a position in favor or opposed to the issue). 5. students will defend the normative position they adopt in their paper. Grading Rubric: Grading of student papers, as their common assessment, will be based upon: 1. Their fulfillment of each of the criteria for the paper (listed above). 2. Use of material to show student comprehension of major components of the issue. 3.
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