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technology - people’s social skills Technology is...

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Khanda Sofy Professor Hayter English 120 February 8, 2011 The good and bad: Technology Do to all the accident caused by cell phones; technology happens to be the most danger when it comes to driving. According to researchers, “Texting while driving takes away three critical things needed for safe driving: your hands, your eyes, and your concentration”. On the other hand technology is important for the people who are far away from each other to help get in touch. Technology can be seen as a good or bad thing. Technology affects human lives in many different ways. Technology can sometimes be a blessing because it keeps people in touch and helps make research easier. On the other hand, technology can put people in danger and hurt
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Unformatted text preview: people’s social skills. Technology is important and necessary in today’s world. It is important to have contact with family and friends; whether that’s through the internet or over the phone. My grandma and cousin lives in Iraq, it is very important to know how they are doing and get in touch with them at least once a month. With the help of a button, we can get in touch through the internet. Yahoo provides everybody with a camera and speakers so you can talk and see the person face to face on a screen. I think technology is great and helps people who are far from each other get in touch....
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