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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - o Safe haven who you turn to o Proximity...

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Lecture 2 HD 3620 1/28/2010 “Nature and Function of Infant-Caregiver Bonds, Part 1” Background o Clinical observations of separation effects o Bowlby: “A warm, continuous association with at least one person…” i.e. a relationship o Explanation? Because she feeds him associates with hunger *not true Secondary drive theory: eating is primary; satisfaction from eating is secondary o Evidence against secondary drive theory Goslings find food on their own but still have attachment o Bowlby kids in orphanages refused food Attachment Theory o 2 observations to explain: o Children upset by separation show same sequences of responses (more later) o Typical scenario: Kids keeping track of mother while playing o Bowlby’s hypothesis: “inborn system regulating behavior toward caregivers” (like other regulatory systems) Attachment Behavioral System (dynamics)
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Unformatted text preview: o Safe haven: who you turn to o Proximity maintenance: stay close to o Separation distress: would feel if separated o Secure base: people you can rely on • More Attachment Theoretical Terms & Concepts o Defining features (components) o Behavior versus bonds o “Monotropy” / Hierarchy (go-to person) o Acute versus later reactions to separation “Protest” “Despair” “Detachment” o “Cradle to grave” (with normative restructuring/hierarchy changes— top: parents mate children) • Ontogeny of Attachment Bonds o 0-2 months “pre-attachment” o 2-6 months “attachment-in-the-making” face-bearing o 6-8 months “clear-cut” attachment Protest if you leave (separation distress) Stranger anxiety Self-produced locomotion o 24 months “goal-corrected partnership”...
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Lecture 2 - o Safe haven who you turn to o Proximity...

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