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Article456 - necessarily depend on the metaphorical concept...

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Article 4 “Why Johnny Can’t Sleep” “Ferberizing” putting a child to sleep and then letting it cry until it falls asleep According to Darwinism, the natural nighttime arrangement is for kids to sleep alongside their mothers Ferber says that learning to sleep alone allows a child to see himself as an independent individual (by leaving it alone in a crib?) All available evidence suggests that nighttime feeding is natural, but Ferber attests the opposite Article 5 “Psychobiological Roots of Early Attachment” Attachment: a general descriptive term for the processes that maintain and regulate sustained social relationships According to these studies, a psychological bond forms from an unexpected rapid early-learning process with properties that can be related to brain and hormone-system development There is a metaphorical concepts of a “bond” that is “broken”. There are numerous regulatory processes hidden within the mother-infant interaction that explain the response of infants to maternal separation (does not
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Unformatted text preview: necessarily depend on the metaphorical concept) • When all maternal regulators are withdrawn early, a number of physiological and behavioral systems are altered in their developmental paths and in their relation to each other, creating a complex, changing pattern of vulnerability over the life span. Article 6 “Evidence for a Neuroendocrinological Foundation of Human Affiliation” • Bonding-related representations intensified at the first postpartum month and then decreased, and they were highly sensitive to risk conditions, such as maternal postpartum depression and premature birth • Oxytocin (OT) plays a special role in the initiation of bonding, possibly by decreasing stress, increasing trust and integrating psychological and physiological states that enable calmness and approach • OT functions primarily by reducing anxiety, increasing calmness and intensifying the incentive value of the attachment target...
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