Lecture2 - Importance of Cultural Context • Inventionist...

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HD 1170 Lecture 2 1/28/10 Adolescent Development in Context 3 Sources of Information Scientific Research Theories Case Studies Adolescence= “anguish, turmoil” Accurate view? 3 Views of Adolescence 1. Storm and Stress a. G. Stanley Hall, 1904 i. Adolescence parallels primitive human being dragged into a civilized world ii. Biological; genetically pre-determined; inevitable turmoil because of puberty iii. Turbulent time—conflict, mood swings iv. Nature, not nurture b. Sigmund and Freud i. Storm/stress is normal in adolescence ii. Study well adjusted teenagers are also well adjusted adults 2. Sociocultural a. Margaret Mead, 1920’s i. Culture and society ii. Nurture iii. Adolescence is stress-free controversial b. Recent research evidence: 20% of adolescence have serious psychological disturbance (same as adults and nearly same as children) 3. Modified storm and stress a. Jeffrey Arnett, 1999 b. Areas in which research indicates adolescence is stormier: Conflict with parents, mood disruptions, risk behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Importance of Cultural Context • Inventionist view of adolescence o Economic reasons for adolescence • Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective o Complexity and interdependence of environmental factors Social Transition to Adulthood Changes in social roles and status 1. Clarity • How clear is the transition? o Rite of passage o Different rights and responsibilities at different ages, e.g., drinking, driving, voting, marriage, sexuality, employment o Trying adolescents as adults vs. parental responsibility laws o Ex: Sweet 16, bar mitzvah, Japan at 20 year’s old o Japan is very clear (the transition) o U.S. differs by state. NY 18 is age of majority; 21 is when parents stop supporting you Alcohol at 21 Laws in U.S. very unclear (driving; marriage) 2. Continuity a. How gradual or abrupt is the transition? b. Film clips: The Graduate; Reality Bites...
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Lecture2 - Importance of Cultural Context • Inventionist...

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