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20 - Adolescence Final Exam Friday May 14 2-4:30 Call...

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Adolescence 4/20/2010 Final Exam, Friday May 14, 2-4:30, Call Auditorium 100 M/C (half on material since prelim 2; half on material from prelims 1&2) Demanding High Low High Authoritative Indulgent (permissive) Responsive Low Authoritarian Indifferent (uninvolved) Breakfast Club clip Popular girl: indulgent Geek: authoritarian Jock: authoritarian (authoritative?) Guy dropped off: indifferent Limitations of Research on Parenting Styles Parents don’t use same style in all contexts—can be hard to categorize Doesn’t capture reciprocal socialization o Parent style is causing adolescent behaviors? o We don’t know if the parenting style is causing behavior or the kid’s behavior is why the parent is acting that way—all we know is that there is an association o Probably an interaction Research Findings on Adolescent Behavior Associated with Different Parenting Styles Authoritarian parenting (demanding, not very responsive), children show: o Social incompetence o
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  • 100 m, authoritative parenting, Low Authoritarian Indifferent, High Authoritative Indulgent, leadership Authoritative Parenting

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