442_AR1_EurozoneCrisis - afford to bail out. The ultimate...

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Justin Kruger W00832240 Article #1 Eurozone Realignment The article addresses the current Eurozone crisis going on overseas during this current time in history. The crisis has created a division of financial stability amongst members. There have been possible talks of having a two-tiered Eurozone. Another consider of the European Union (EU) is the possibility of nations “withdrawing.” Moral hazard is an issue which is also of concern. Change is certain to come about in the future in hopes of prevent another crisis which is being experienced the current time. The severities of the financial relief packages are placing a heavy burden on the wealthier members of the EU - Germany, the Netherland, France, and Scandinavian states. This burden has caused the wealthier Eurozone to consider the option of a two- tiered EU, one for the north and one for the south. Developing two different tiers system would place the wealthier members together to move away from countries they can’t
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Unformatted text preview: afford to bail out. The ultimate goal in creating the EU was for a unified Europe, a two-tier system would counter act that goal by creating a division of power. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stated that “if the euro fails, Europe fails.” Merkel is being recognized for her hard-hitting approach to the fiscal responsibility of European countries, especially Greece and Ireland. She furthermore purposed “permanent bailout mechanism” as an alteration to the Lisbon Treaty to which countries are required to cut government spending and taxes have to be raised Ireland has taken a $120 billion in bailout funds for its banking debt. The Eurozone Crisis will lead to some sort of change, whether that will be a two-tiered system or dropping. The Eurozone crisis still has uncertainty in the future. The actions that are taken will have major implications on the EU as well as the rest of the world....
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442_AR1_EurozoneCrisis - afford to bail out. The ultimate...

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