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2 - Family Name m Given Name(b For each of the following...

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Unformatted text preview: Family Name: m Given Name: (b) For each of the following program segments, give the worst-ewe running time in terms of the parameter In and using B-notation. Answer in the space provided. Do not add. comments or explanations. i. public static int f_1(int n) { int x = 0; I for(intli=0;i<n*n;i+=2) //25’ x++; return x; } Running time of fl is in 6( ii. public static int f2(int n) { int x = 0; for (inti=1; i<n¥n; it=2) x++; return I; } Running time 0H2 is in 6( iii. public static int f3(int n) {intx=0; for(inti=0;1<n¥n¥n;i++) for (intj=1;j<n;j*=2) x++; return 3: } Running time of B is in 9[ iv. public static int f4(int n) {intx=0: for(inti=0;i< ntntn; 1H) for (1ntj=o;j<i;j+=2) 1:“; return x; } Running time of f4 is in B( v. public static int f5(int n) { int 1-0; for (inti=n; i>1; 1/22) for(intj*1;j<n:1*‘2) x++; returnx; Running time of i5 is in 8( Page 3 of 10 ...
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