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Accounting Information Systems, 8e 1 SOLUTIONS FOR CHAPTER 3 Discussion Questions DQ3-1 The business environment is increasingly demanding the use of OLRT systems for more up-to-date information. Identify one business process and the environment in which it would be used as an example of why immediate mode processing is so critical. Be prepared to explain your answer to the class. ANS. Your students’ answers will vary greatly on this rather open-ended discussion question. As an example to use in class, you might consider something like the lottery. In a recent Powerball lottery, the winning ticket garnered a $195 million jackpot. Consider the importance of knowing which store had the winning ticket, knowing the exact number of tickets that have been sold as of the drawing in order to report the amount of the jackpot at the drawing, verifying the authenticity of the ticket, and so forth. You may want to pick a more accounting-oriented example; however, students will likely find the lottery discussion interesting, and attention may be piqued. DQ3-2 Consider a business that you patronize. Could it operate without automated information systems? Why or why not? ANS. Your students’ answers will vary greatly depending on the specific situation they select for discussion. However, we expect that the answer will generally be “no.” Typical reasons may include items such as terminal cash registers (needed to scan bar codes to look up prices, compute taxes due and total orders, and, unfortunately, sometimes to tell the clerk how much change to return!), as well as service station fuel dispensers that are computer controlled and linked to the information systems. DQ3-3 Consider your favorite fast food restaurant. How do you think this restaurant might use OLTE to improve its business event data processing activities? Explain. ANS. Your students’ answers will vary greatly depending on the specific situation they select for discussion. However, issues that might be discussed may focus on why some of the larger chains use online transaction entry. A few examples include the following: As purchases are keyed into the cash register, it will generate the pricing information, applicable sales tax (or VAT, GST, etc.), totals, and so on. As customer payments are entered into the cash register, the balance of the enclosed cash is maintained and can be used to balance the drawer upon a change in operator at the end of a shift or rotation. Overnight, the record of purchases is downloaded from the local store to a central location where replenishment inventory needs can be determined and shipment orders are automatically generated.
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2 Solutions for Chapter 3 Issues of how the information can be used for various functions will also re- enforce the use of information for decision making discussed in Chapters 1 and 2. For instance, capturing data can allow subsequent analysis of peak loads and can be used to determine optimal staffing of the store.
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