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Sheet1 Page 1 The user date falls within a fiscal year that hasn't been set up. Date: 11/29/2010 Waren Sports Supply Page: 1 Balance Sheet As Of 12/31/2009 Current YTD ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash $103,141.67 Trade accounts receivable - net 42,506.08 Inventory 192,593.00 Marketable securities 24,000.00 Total current assets 362,240.75 NET FIXED ASSETS 215,921.00 Total assets $578,161.75 LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY CURRENT LIABILITIES Accounts payable $8,767.15 Interest payable
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Unformatted text preview: 201.37 Payroll taxes withheld and payable 3,204.47 Federal income taxes payable 51,810.56 Total current liabilities 63,983.55 NOTE PAYABLE 70,000.00 Total liabilities 133,983.55 STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY Common Stock 225,000.00 Retained earnings - beginning 90,264.99 Net income or loss 128,913.21 Retained earnings - ending 219,178.20 Total stockholders' equity 444,178.20 Total liabilities and stockholders' equity $578,161.75...
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