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Mama Lola assignment W11-1 - copy in class on Friday...

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RLST/ETST 012/W/X Prof. Vivian-Lee Nyitray TAs Casey, Doran, Guida, Johnson, Knight, Solso Winter 2011 Instructions and Prompt for Mama Lola Writing Assignment You will write two essays. Each response should be approximately 2-1/2 pages in length (approximately 600-750 words) double-spaced with 1” margins on all sides. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font (the font in which this prompt is written). Responses will be graded on the accuracy and fullness of your response as well as on your presentation. Specific page references to Mama Lola should be provided to support your claims. A simple citation of the page number in parentheses is all that’s needed, e.g., (43). No outside research is necessary to complete this assignment. Unless your TA instructs you differently, the exam is due in Safe Assign by 8 AM and in hard
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Unformatted text preview: copy in class on Friday, February 18. 1. Haitians in Brooklyn have undergone physical and emotional displacements from their homeland. How does the practice of vodou in Brooklyn differ significantly from the ways in which it would be practiced in Haiti? How does the practice of vodou acknowledge and address some of the problems caused by such displacements for the members of the Brooklyn Haitian community? 2. How does the structure of alternating chapters of fictionalized history and ethnography contribute to our understanding of vodou, Mama Lola, and Karen McCarthy Brown’s interaction with this Haitian American family? Reading across the chapters of “history” and ethnography, how can we see vodou as empowering for women?...
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