Comm. 40 Paper 3, Audience Analysis Directive

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Comm. 40, Paper Assignment 3 Audience Analysis Worth 25 Points Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the importance of knowing your audience. Different people respond to different ideas, and if you haven’t thought about your audience, then you’re less likely to use arguments that work to persuade them. There are several specific components to analyzing your audience and this paper gives you the opportunity to strategize and apply these components to persuading your audience. These concepts will be taken from Chapter 12 of the Verlinden textbook. Answer the following questions and apply them to Speech #3 (debate) assignment: 1. How will your topic and the side you are arguing be worthwhile to your audience? Be specific in your explanation in terms of topic and the specific side (affirmative or negative) you are arguing. What if you have to argue a position for which you
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Unformatted text preview: dont agree? How will arguing for a different stance help you? 2. Why is it important to know your subject? How will you decide which ideas of your topic are most important to the audience? 3. What specific do you want from your audience? What emotion do you want them to feel after youve presented your argument? Angry? Motivated? Sad? Be specific and explain your strategies in attaining your goal. 4. How will you make your topic relevant and important to your audience? How will you persuade them that they should care about your topic and your stance? 5. How will you respond to potential objections? Be specific in terms of your topic and your stance. Paper should be 3-5 pages in length. Use college standard writing in terms of correct punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. Paper will be due at the beginning of class. Must be typed and double spaced....
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