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Anthro 2 Reading: Fagan 1993 1/31/11 III.CHALLENGES STUDYING ARCH. MATERIAL 1. Differential Preservation of Material Remains Arch. Record is Patchy; Preservation Due to: A. Type of Material (Organic/Inorganic) hardness, density of material, chemical composition B. Context of Deposition (Surf., A Hor.,deeply buried) C. Post-Depositional Context D. Local Environmental Conditions:Air Temperature Soil Temperature, Moisture, Chemistry, pH – acid, neutral or basic Worst Conditions– Alternating hot/cold, wet/dry E. Best Contexts for Preservation i. Stable Anaerobic Conditions (Oxygen Reduced) Water-logged Anaerobic Context:
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Unformatted text preview: Ozette Site, Makah Indians, R. Daugherty, 500 BP Peat Bogs (Irish Bog, Windeby Bodies, Windover) Underwater Sites Anaerobic (cold water,buried – examples: Mary Rose, La Belle) ii. Freezing Conditions (Ice Man from Italian Alps) iii. Arid Conditions – rockshelters, caves, Mesa Verde iv. Unexpected Contexts: Garbage Project, Rathje Landfill Excavations; volume of plastics? Findings: Organic Materials: paper, lumber, food waste (hot dogs), yard refuse; Landfills: Mummify Materials: Rapid Deposition, Stable Environment, Keep Dry – Produces Anaerobic Cond.; facilitate biodegradation?...
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