2-4-11.Out - i. Ethical Reasons for Sampling (Preservation)...

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Anthro 2AC Read: Stewart 2002 2/4/2011 III.CHALLENGES STUDYING ARCH. MATERIAL 1. Differential Preservation of Material Remains G. Archaeological Data: i Artifacts; ii. Ecofacts iii. Middens (Shell Middens) iv.Features (pits, house structures,burials, post-mold) v. Sites; vi. Regions or Cultural Landscapes 2. Recovery of Archaeological Data A. Recognition of Archaeological Data i. A.V. Kidder, Tree Beams, Dendrochronology ii. Recovery of Ecofacts: Faunal Analysis= Zooarchaeology; Floral Remains, Flotation, Light Fraction, Paleoethnobotany iii. Phytoliths (Microscopic, Microns) B. Sampling Issues
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Unformatted text preview: i. Ethical Reasons for Sampling (Preservation) Excavation Destructive; Protect Sites for Future ii. Prohibitive Costs of Study Can not excavate entire sites, Finite Budgets Sum: Arch study small sample of sample of materials 3. Complex Formation of Archaeological Sites A. Behavioral Processes (acquisition, manufacture, use, deposition); Differential Deposition: Fort Ross sea otter bones; Magazines in Landfills B. Transformational Processes (Post-Depositional) Taphonomy of Materials; Natural Agents (decay, erosion); Human Agents (plowing, looting, etc.)...
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2-4-11.Out - i. Ethical Reasons for Sampling (Preservation)...

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