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1Department of Economics Economics 1 University of California Professor Olney Berkeley Spring 2011 Determination of Points for Discussion Section Discussion sections will be run on the small group format, with work to be completed in groups each day. 10% of your course grade (50 points) will depend upon your participation in section. You are required to do three things. [1] In each lecture, an exercise will be distributed. You are to complete the exercise and take it to section where your GSI will check to be sure it has been completed. (20 points possible) You receive 1 point per day for this activity. The max number of points you can receive for activity #1 over the term is 20, although 24 points will be available. [2] Twice during the term, you and a partner will make an oral presentation. The presentations will be made in pairs determined in section. The first presentation will be based on an article in the reader. The second presentation will be based on an article you and your partner select. First presentation
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