Assignment 7 - The Electronics Communications Privacy Act...

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The Electronics Communications Privacy Act and common law protections against invasion of privacy limits, somewhat, workplace monitoring. Should employers have employees sign emails and telephone monitoring acknowledgement statements? Why? Why not? Please explain. In my opinion, employers have the right to monitor employee activities during work hours, to a certain extent. The main reason employer’s have the right is because they are paying the employees for their time during working hours. Every hour that an employee is paid for should be an hour of full productivity. Excessive personal use of email communications and telephone calls during business hours seems to be unethical on the part of the employee. Monitoring employee communications is important in order for employees to protect the company’s professional reputation and image, and to maintain employee productivity. Monitoring can prevent the leaking of confidential company information, harassment in the workplace through email messaging, and defamation. Because of the reasons listed above, employees should prepare communications monitoring statements for employees in order to inform employees of the monitoring and to protect the company. Certain federal and state laws protect privacy rights, although none pertain
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Assignment 7 - The Electronics Communications Privacy Act...

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