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q01sol - (b 1e" at/il a,be Q b o.I TZ a Vn*oL o fclL...

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Nfath 125-001 Name: February 3, 2011 Show all work. No work: No points. This quiz is closed book and closed notes, calculatorsare not allowed. Use onlv the methods discussed in class. Good Luck! (1) (5 points) List the (distinct) elements in each of the following sets: (u) {"eQl(r+1)(r2-2)(7r+1) :0} : R (b) {r+alr€{-1,1},s€{0,1,3}} = R (2) (5 points) Determine which of the following are true and which are false Justify your answers. (u) {1,2} g {0,1,{1,2}}
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Unformatted text preview: (b) 1e {"+at/il a,be Q, b+o} (,.I TZ{ a Vn *oL',* \ o, fclL t 'r,^,1 _ |/ I-i r. I {7 d 0l +1r- arz.-t-vtt {, (,,1'l!= {*,, o,L, t, z,k} L 7.. (ot (r t 1.., T.- (r-.- : +l-. QoL.-*&'b ct) ,n (j *v^t -) cl** . Z e l,,L) .l- * llg,,.-. .* ILJ I lun l= at! o l* q =re0!r-A-t.-. \.,c W,-PL t * (v ={ r{7 {-t,o,r,L,t+l ) d {0,r,{r,z}J e {o* tfllo. lu 6),Lto! ,/-? [r" I,+< o,!e6) L.,lr. ..^',l_ c c4^f,y o r.L," (t 4 O. tJ aa-.,-,(rf,.'ezr^...
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