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S34 - Identify the population of interest(target population...

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ECO251 QBA1 FIRST HOUR EXAM Name: ______Key____________ Social Security Number: _____________________ Part I. (34 points) 1. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the need for sampling? a) It is usually too costly to study the whole population. b) It is usually too time consuming to look at the whole population. c) It is sometimes destructive to observe the entire population. d) *It is always more informative to investigate a sample than the entire population. 2. Most analysts focus on the cost of tuition as the way to measure the cost of a college education. But incidentals, such as textbook costs, are rarely considered. A researcher at Drummand University wishes to estimate the textbook costs of first-year students at Drummand. To do so, she monitored the textbook cost of 250 first-year students and found that their average textbook cost was $300 per semester.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the population of interest (target population) to the researcher. a) All Drummand University students. b) All college students. c) *All first-year Drummand University students. d) The 250 students that were monitored. 3. Which of the following is a continuous quantitative variable? a) The color of a student’s eyes b) The number of employees of an insurance company c) *The amount of milk produced by a cow in one 24-hour period d) The number of gallons of milk sold at the local grocery store yesterday 4. If I describe the place where a number is in a table as column 3, row 5, the location of that number is a: a) Field b) *Cell c) Stub d) Label...
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