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S37 - a The range b The standard deviation c*The...

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TABLE 2-13 A research analyst was directed to arrange raw data collected on the yield of wheat, ranging from 40 to 93 bushels per acre, in a frequency distribution. 12. If the researcher was directed to present the data in 5 classes, what should the class interval be? Show your calculations. Solution: 6 . 10 5 40 93 = - Use 11 or more. 13. Show the actual intervals you might use. (I used 12 as my width – some used 15.) Class From to A 40 51.99 B 52 63.99 C 64 75.99 D 76 87.99 E 88 99.99 14. Which of the following is NOT sensitive to extreme values?
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Unformatted text preview: a) The range. b) The standard deviation. c) *The interquartile range. d) The coefficient of variation. 15. In right-skewed distributions, which of the following is the correct statement? (Q2 and the median are the same.) a) The distance from Q1 to Q2 is larger than the distance from Q2 to Q3. b) *The distance from Q1 to Q2 is smaller than the distance from Q2 to Q3. c) The mean is smaller than the median. d) The mode is larger than the mean....
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