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S40 - X f 1 7 2 5 3 11 4 8 5 9 2 Referring to Table 2-2 how...

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1. A type of vertical bar chart in which the categories are plotted in the descending rank order of the magnitude of their frequencies is called a a) contingency table. b) Pareto diagram. c) dot plot. d) pie chart. ANSWER: b TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Easy KEYWORDS: Pareto diagram TABLE 2-2 At a meeting of information systems officers for regional offices of a national company, a survey was taken to determine the number of employees the officers supervise in the operation of their departments, where X is the number of employees overseen by each information systems officer.
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Unformatted text preview: X f_ 1 7 2 5 3 11 4 8 5 9 2. Referring to Table 2-2, how many regional offices are represented in the survey results? a) 5 b) 11 c) 15 d) 40 ANSWER: d TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Easy KEYWORDS: interpretation, frequency distribution 3. Referring to Table 2-2, across all of the regional offices, how many total employees were supervised by those surveyed? a) 15 b) 40 c) 127 d) 200 ANSWER: c TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Moderate KEYWORDS: interpretation, frequency distribution...
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