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S42 - school students were taking his tough economics...

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1. Referring to the histogram from Table 2-3, if all the tickets purchased were used, how many guests attended the luncheon? a) 4 b) 152 c) 275 d) 388 ANSWER: d TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Difficult EXPLANATION: The total number of guests is 6 1 i i i X f = KEYWORDS: interpretation, histogram 2. A professor of economics at a small Texas university wanted to determine which year in
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Unformatted text preview: school students were taking his tough economics course. Shown below is a pie chart of the results. What percentage of the class took the course prior to reaching their senior year? Juniors 30% Seniors 14% Sophomores 46% Freshmen 10% a) 14% b) 44% c) 54% d)86% ANSWER: d TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Easy KEYWORDS: interpretation, pie chart...
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